Plant Risk Services Ltd maintains continued professional development through association and membership of the following organisations

The Safety Assessment Federation

Plant Risk Services is a proud associate member of the Safety Assessment Federation. SAFed is concerned with safety. It represents the UK independent engineering inspection and certification industry, which plays a key role in maintaining high standards of safety within the workplace.

It acts as a focal point for all issues and concerns relating to the statutory inspection and certification, safe use and operation of plant, machinery and equipment.

Through SAFed, any individual or organisation involved with setting, maintaining or complying with standards for equipment inspection and safety in the workplace can get access to relevant advice, guidance, information and experience.

SAFed provides help and support to policy makers within business, the safety industry or at government or inter-government levels.

SAFed Member Companies provide statutory and non-statutory equipment examinations and inspection services to national legislation standards.

Visit the SAFED website.

The Independent National Inspection & Testing Association

Plant Risk Services are able to provide national inspection coverage through our membership of INITA. Established in 1998, INITA assists those companies engaged in the business of carrying out statutory examinations.

Technical standards and their interpretation are at the forefront of our dealings with member companies, but we also advise on the many other aspects of providing a comprehensive service to a wide variety of customers whose needs are as diverse as the types of industry in which they operate.

The continuing changing face of the ENGINEERING INSPECTION industry makes it important that there is an organisation whose aim is to ensure that quality of service is the main objective of its members.

To this end INITA is suitably placed and we encourage our members to provide a reliable, affordable and professional service.

Visit the INITA website.

The Society of Operations Engineers & Bureau of Engineer Surveyors

The Bureau of Engineer Surveyors was established in 1965 as a specialist organisation for Engineer Surveyors to keep up-to-date with relevant technical information.

With regulatory pressures being introduced on a seemingly endless and increasing basis, BES has never enjoyed a more important role.

Engineer Surveyors independently assess plant and machinery for legal compliance and technical risk. Whilst an Engineer Surveyor's employer will ensure that he or she has the necessary knowledge to complete tasks, membership of the BES assists in enhancing their competency. BES keeps members up to date with upcoming changes to legislation and hosts regular events enabling Engineer Surveyors to meet and network with like-minded professionals.

Visit the SOEBES website.

Engineering Council

As the regulatory body for the UK engineering profession, the Engineering Council sets and maintains internationally recognised standards of professional competence and commitment.

These are detailed in the UK Standard for Professional Engineering Competence (UK-SPEC) and the Information and Communications Technology Technician (ICTTech) Standard.

Visit the Engineering Council website.